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Cosy Cardigan. A sweet indulgent fragrance which envelops you in a comforting hug. Starting with sweet treat smells of raspberry and strawberry followed up with peach melba and coconut cream, the base contains the long lasting themes of vanilla and candy floss.

Cosy Cardigan

  • We can only offer returns or exchange if an item is incorrect or faulty. It is unlikely that you will receive a broken wax melt, but due to the nature of the product that it will be broken at some point to melt away. We have no control over any transport damage but will do all we can to minimise this with our packaging. We are unable to offer refunds on broken wax melts. Any returns or exchanges will be considered by Elessence.

  • Snap one or two squares into your chosen wax burner, always follow the instructions provided with your burner. Only use burners that are intended to be used with wax melts. NEVER leave a naked flame unattended.

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